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* Do you know what DNS zone transfer is?

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DNS zone transfer is a process in which the data with all DNS records from the Primary DNS server is transferred to a Secondary DNS server.

There are different scenarios in which it is required to complete a DNS zone transfer. Such a situation, for example, is when you have to set up a freshly added Secondary DNS server. In addition, updating all of the DNS records manually is going to require a lot of time. Also, each zone file at the different DNS servers has to hold the latest DNS records.

When more servers hold copies of your DNS records rather than only the Primary DNS server, you guarantee faster DNS resolution and better availability in case one of them goes down.

It is a good idea to allow only trusted DNS servers to perform complete DNS zone transfers. The reason is that cybercriminals could obtain the zone file if there is no such restriction.

If you want to find out more, we suggest you to see detailed information about DNS zone transfer!